Welcome to Juno Network! Juno is an open-source interoperable smart contract network that automatically executes, controls, or documents a procedure of relevant events and actions according to the terms of such contract or agreement to be valid & usable across multiple sovereign networks. Juno is a community-driven initiative prompted by developers, validators, and delegators of the cosmos ecosystem.

With the launch of Juno on the horizon developers, content creators, and tool creators have an amazing opportunity to contribute to Juno Network while earning amazing prizes (1% of Juno Supply in prizes) in the process. Come join Juno Hack!

Telegram members in international channels

June 1st to July 1st have netted some massive results for the international growth efforts: 27.44% growth in June, with nearly 45% growth since the beginning of growth efforts in early march (funding began June 1st). This is incredible growth considering the most recent market retraction!

With 9 secret agents earning micro-grants, representing multiple communities, the Secret Network International growth metrics are rapidly growing as a result of these efforts. Nearly 500 new telegram members are represented between the various international channels since May 15th. …

Secure Secrets is excited to unveil our newest tool: The SCRT Staking Optimizer. This tool helps users optimize their SCRT returns and earn up to an additional 3% with the proper compounding interval!

Have you ever wondered what the trade off is between transaction fees and rewards earned from compounding? Have you struggled to calculate your return rate when delegating to multiple validators with varying commission rates? By claiming rewards and re-staking too frequently, you could actually lose some of your potential reward. Wait too long, and you could lose as well…

Worry no more! We have a tool that…

Greetings Juno community! This AMA occurred on 6/7/2021 in the Juno subreddit with co-Founders of the Juno Network, Jake Hartnell and Immasssi! A special thank-you to everyone involved with the AMA. This is our first piece of content created for the Juno community, we look forward to creating more in the future! -Secure Secrets → A Juno Testnet Validator

[Begin AMA]

[Immassi]: Today we hope to focus the conversation on the functionality of Juno, the use of Juno Smart Contracts, how it utilizes ATOM, the Juno chain and it’s future, and a little bit about the mainnet launch.

[Community member]: Why was…

Author: Austin Woetzel

Secure Secrets recently added a feature to our website to allow users to stake with our validator node via their Keplr wallet. This is a quick, easy way to stake which would normally require some navigation through the Keplr app.

Greetings Secret Network community! This AMA occurred on 5/26/2021 at 6:00 pm. (CST) in the keyTango community telegram with Guy Zyskind [Guy Zyskind / EnigmaMPC Founder & CEO] and the keyTango community. A special thank-you to everyone involved with the launch of the Catalyst bridge. -Secure Secrets

This AMA was a celebration of the official announcement of the Catalyst bridge integration with Secret Network — allowing users to earn yield in the Secret DeFi ecosystem with just ETH and Metamask. This integration provides DeFi users with access to liquidity mining programs on SecretSwap, starting with the sETH-sSCRT pool.

[Begin AMA]

Greetings Secret Heroes! Today begins your journey into the world of Secret NFTs. Specifically, Secret Heroes. The first ever video game built on top of the Secret Network, using secret NFTs to guarantee private and safe battles of heroes from all over the world!

Link to Secret Heroes

In this tutorial, Secure Secrets will walk you through the following:

(1) Prerequisites

(2) Connecting to Secret Heroes

(3) Minting Secret Heroes

(4) Battling Secret Heroes


(1) It is imperative that you have a Keplr wallet available. If you need to create a Keplr wallet, you can use the following link to…

A blockchain is a network in which a cryptocurrency operates on from mining to transactions to validator nodes; it is all done within the chain and each individual hash has to be validated in order to create a new block. It’s sort of like winning a miniature lottery with crunching numbers. The value in a blockchain comes from the transparency of the cryptocurrency and the ability to have each transaction completed within a decentralized system. This is essentially putting the power of the bank into the hands of the individual with complete transparency.

Secure Secrets

Privacy Focused Validator and software development company. Website: https://www.securesecrets.org/

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