Hack Juno — Create, Build, Earn!

Welcome to Juno Network! Juno is an open-source interoperable smart contract network that automatically executes, controls, or documents a procedure of relevant events and actions according to the terms of such contract or agreement to be valid & usable across multiple sovereign networks. Juno is a community-driven initiative prompted by developers, validators, and delegators of the cosmos ecosystem.

With the launch of Juno on the horizon developers, content creators, and tool creators have an amazing opportunity to contribute to Juno Network while earning amazing prizes (1% of Juno Supply in prizes) in the process. Come join Juno Hack!

Juno Hack — Let’s #HackJuno!

Join the #hack-juno Discord channel to discuss ideas, get questions answered, and find potential teammates!

Earning Points:

(1) Writing smart contracts (The most points will be given to individuals or teams that create useful Smart Contracts.)

(2) Make documents, videos, stack overflow responses, blog posts, etc.

  • To see success in the cosmos ecosystem, we also need tutorials! Standout examples of Juno-related content will receive rewards.)

(3) Build useful community tools.

  • Amazing UI and tools bring immense value to the Juno ecosystem and will be recognized accordingly! Ideas might include, UI for uploading/interacting with smart contracts or community tools such as balance checkers & bots.


  • Fill out the Nomination form (for yourself or someone else).
  • Work on your projects/ideas
  • Judges will determine the final score based on the usefulness of the contribution to the Juno ecosystem.
  • Rewards will be allocated according to the score given.

Judges will include the Juno Development Committee and some notable individuals from the Cosmos Ecosystem (to be announced). Judges are not eligible to receive Hack Juno rewards.

Submission Option #1: Smart Contract Submissions

  • Lending / Borrowing
  • AMMs
  • Synthetics
  • Stablecoins
  • Marketplaces
  • Identity Management
  • Auctions
  • Splits
  • Options
  • Token Creation
  • NFT
  • Gaming
  • DAO
  • Permission Systems
  • IBC Middleware Contracts
  • IBC Privacy Contracts
  • Polling & Voting
  • Airdrop Blaster (airdrop custom tokens via IBC)
  • Message Sender (send messages to people by using their public address, they could even unlock private ones with their private key)
  • LockBox (Lock funds for a specified amount of time, bring holding to the next level)

Submission Option #2: How-To Guides/Videos

  • How to write smart contracts
  • How to upload smart contracts
  • How to build UI for smart contracts
  • How to stake Juno
  • How to buy Juno
  • Translations of community content

Submission Option #3: Useful Community Tools

  • Block explorer for smart contracts
  • UI for interacting with smart contracts
  • UI for uploading smart contracts
  • Your great idea

Juno is the first designated smart contract network to launch in the COSMOS ecosystem. It is also the first network to launch via Starport. Most importantly it is the first network in the ecosystem that has a 100% free distribution. No seed round, private sale or ICO. Starting building today!

Twitter | Discord | Github | Telegram

This article was written by Secure Secrets — a Juno testnet validator.




Privacy Focused Validator and software development company. Secure Secrets also is a core contributor to Shade Protocol. Website: https://www.securesecrets.org/

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Secure Secrets

Secure Secrets

Privacy Focused Validator and software development company. Secure Secrets also is a core contributor to Shade Protocol. Website: https://www.securesecrets.org/

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