How to create a Keplr Wallet for Secret Network

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3 min readApr 1, 2021


In this tutorial, Secure Secrets will walk you through the following:

(1) Creating a Keplr Wallet from scratch

(2) Logging in & opening you Secret Network portion of your Keplr Wallet

(1) Creating a Keplr Wallet from scratch

First, navigate to the Keplr extension and click on “Add to Brave” or “Add to Chrome”.

Click on “Add Extension”

Click on the “Extension” button:

Click on the Keplr extension logo:

Click “Create new account”

Write down your Mnemonic Seed for safekeeping — it is the private key that allows you to access your Keplr wallet from scratch from any new device. Make sure your password is extremely secure as well, as it is what is defending you wallet if someone gains access to your laptop.

The account used below is obviously a throw-away for tutorial sake.

Click on “Next” once you have written down your phrase for safekeeping.

Select your seed words in the correct order — this is to confirm that you got your seed phrase properly written down / recorded for safekeeping!

Click “Register” once you have entered in all the correct values (in the correct order) of the seed phrase.

Click “Done”

Congratulations, you have officially created your Keplr Wallet!

(2) Logging in & opening you Secret Network portion of your Keplr Wallet

First, go ahead and navigate to your Keplr Wallet again. This was done in the first steps (via the extension button in the upper-right of your browser) so feel free to review if necessary. If prompted for a password, enter it and log into your wallet. You will be shown something similar to the following screen:

Next, switch from “Cosmos” to “Secret Network” via the dropdown menu and you are good to go!

Congratulations, you are into your new Keplr Wallet — specifically Secret Network!

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