How To Create A SHD Viewing Key

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3 min readFeb 26, 2022


Greetings Shade Community,

This is the official tutorial on how to manually create your SHD viewing key to view your encrypted SHD token balance. Shade Protocol is an array of connected privacy-preserving applications built on Secret Network. SHD was airdropped to $ATOM, $LUNA, and $SCRT stakers who participated in snapshots from Nov 7th — Dec 13th.


(1) You have a Keplr Wallet

(2) You have sufficient SCRT in your Keplr Wallet (~1.5+ SCRT)

Step 1 — Open Up Your Keplr Wallet

Select “Secret Network” from drop-down

Step 2— Check To See If You’ve Already Created A SHD Viewing Key

Select this drop-down on Keplr
Select “Token List” to see what viewing keys you have created

You will see in the “Token List” above that SHD viewing key is not listed. This means you still need to create your SHD viewing key.

Step 3— Manually Create Viewing Key

Enter in the official SHD SNIP-20 contract address:


Click “Submit”

Upon successful creation of your viewing key, you should now be able to view your balance.

Step 4— View Your SHD Balance

Use the scrollbar to see your SHD token balance.

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