How To Stake SCRT on Secret Network via Keplr

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3 min readMar 31, 2021

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the following:

(1) Creating a Keplr Wallet

(2) Where to find your address in your Keplr Wallet for receiving SCRT

(3) How to stake your SCRT with Secure Secrets / a validator

(4) How to View Withdraw Your Staking Rewards

Creating a Keplr Wallet / Account

  1. Click the link to walkthrough the official Secure Secrets tutorial: “How to create a Keplr Wallet for Secret Network”.

Where to find your Keplr address to send SCRT to

After installing / creating your Keplr account, click on the Keplr extension logo in your browser:

Next, select the dropdown menu and switch to Secret Network:

Finally, hover your mouse over the wallet address and “click” to copy the address to your clipboard for use!

(3) How to stake your SCRT with Secure Secrets

Navigate to the following link: Keplr Staking

Scroll down until you find “Secure Secrets” and click on “manage”.

Next, click on delegate on the pop-up window that appears after hitting manage:

Enter the amount of SCRT you would like to delegate to Secure Secrets and click “delegate”.

Next, a transaction window will pop-up to confirm and initiate the transaction on chain. Click “Approve” after selecting your preferred gas amount.

After you your transaction is complete, you will receive a transaction confirmation in the bottom right corner. Congratulations, you are officially staked with us!

(4) How to Withdraw Your Staking Rewards

Navigate to Keplr Staking and you should have a view similar to this:

Click on “Claim Rewards” and follow through the steps to retrieve your SCRT!


Staking Calculator:

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