I.G.C 3 Month Growth Report

As the I.G.C looks to recommit their promise to building international communities on the Secret Network, let’s take a look at the last 3 months of growth!

Over this 3 month period, we saw a total growth percentage of 13.7% of new users joining chats (1,501 members)! We have continued to push our initiative of pruning all channels of fake accounts and bots. This is a slow and tedious process and has led to some metrics appearing slightly off or lower than potentially hoped. We believe that as we continue this process, it will only lead to more interactive and healthier chats for everyone!

Many of our chats have continued to grow in their member count even with the continued period of bearishness in the crypto markets. We know that these are due to international events that are out of our control. We truly believe that creating a space where everyone feels at home really does open up limitless opportunities.

Here we can see the % changes in each individual telegram community. While some chats did experience significant member loss, others, such as our East-Africa group have grown exponentially! We attribute these numbers to the aforementioned pruning of our communities to make sure all community members are receiving the best experience possible!

Lastly, before we leave you, we have a request. By now, almost the whole world is aware of the global events happening in Ukraine. Our sincerest wishes go out to those who are fighting for what they believe in and for protecting what is rightfully owned. A validator on the Secret Network (TriviumNode) is initiating a raffle where you can donate to support our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

You may donate sSCRT to this address

— — —


100% of the proceeds will be bridged into the Eth address posted by the Ukrainian government in which they are collecting funds to fuel their resistance.

If you’d like to join the global agent program, please reach out to Wesley J. or Jeremy S. on Telegram. They are the I.G.C. Committee Leads and they can check to see if there is an opening in the current communities!

We’re always looking for more community members who want to help lead native-language communities for Secret Network Here are our currently active community-led channels:
















Singapore & Malaysia













Privacy Focused Validator and software development company. Secure Secrets also is a core contributor to Shade Protocol. Website: https://www.securesecrets.org/

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Secure Secrets

Secure Secrets

Privacy Focused Validator and software development company. Secure Secrets also is a core contributor to Shade Protocol. Website: https://www.securesecrets.org/

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