Secret Heroes: Comprehensive Tutorial on Secret Network’s First Video Game

Greetings Secret Heroes! Today begins your journey into the world of Secret NFTs. Specifically, Secret Heroes. The first ever video game built on top of the Secret Network, using secret NFTs to guarantee private and safe battles of heroes from all over the world!

Link to Secret Heroes

In this tutorial, Secure Secrets will walk you through the following:

(1) Prerequisites

(2) Connecting to Secret Heroes

(3) Minting Secret Heroes

(4) Battling Secret Heroes


(2) You have $SCRT available in your Keplr Wallet

(3) You have enough $SCRT in your wallet to be able to complete multiple transactions / contract interactions. 3–5 SCRT should be plenty depending on how fast you want transactions to execute, and how many battles and heroes you want to mint.

(4) We will assume the transactions execute successfully

Connecting to Secret Heroes

This Keplr interaction will simply ask if it is okay for the client to connect your Keplr account. This request enables to know your wallet address, be able to request signatures for transactions, and be able to encrypt your messages. Click on “Approve”.

Once this is done, your wallet will populate the upper-right hand corned, and a green box will appear in the bottom right that says “Connected Successfully”. You are now prepared to play Secret Heroes, so click on “Launch Game” on the center of the page to continue to the next step.

Click on “Launch Game” on the center of the page to continue to the next step.

Next, you will be greeted with a “Connecting ..” screen. This page will stay here until you create a viewing key to be able to launch the game client itself. To do this, click on the Keplr wallet in the upper-right hand corner of the page. This will initiate a Keplr wallet interaction.

Upon approving the transaction of the secret key creation, you will then be able to load the game! Click on “Approve” once you have chosen your desired gas price.

Below is what the page will look like while your transaction is being processed!

Congratulations, you are officially connected to the game! At this stage you will be presented with three options: Mint Heroes, Your Heroes, and Battle.

Mint Heroes

In the Mint Heroes room, click on “Mint Heroes”. You will be asked to create three names for your heroes. Once you have filled out said pop-up, a Keplr transaction will pop-up calling the “minting” module of the secret contract. Click approve on the transaction!

You will then have to live with the suspense of not knowing what your Secret Heroes look like, and how powerful they are. Click on the capsules to see what Secret Heroes you got!

Wow, those are some awesome heroes we just minted! Now let’s go use them to battle!

Battling Secret Heroes

The first step of battling your heroes is to visit “Your Heroes”. Click on the door and enter in the Secret Heroes sanctuary. Rotate through your heroes to look at your available options, and when you are ready to fight with a hero click on “Send to Battle” in the bottom right corner!

Once you are in the Arena, a Keplr transaction will pop-up that will need to be approved in order to do battle with other heroes. Once this is done, other heroes will populate the screen. If you scroll down on the arena page to “Battle History” you will be able to see the results of your battles!

When you win a battle there is a potential your Secret Hero will grow stronger! If you lose a battle, there is a chance you will lose skills. So fight consistently, and make sure you have a good hero that you bring to the table!

Finally, there are prizes for those at the top of the leaderboard. Keep your eyes open for competitions. Happy Battling!




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