Shade Protocol: What Is A Permit?

Secure Secrets
2 min readFeb 16, 2022

What is a Permit?

A permit is a message that proves ownership of a given public address without needing to spend SCRT as gas. Permits are created by users using public key cryptography and digital signatures. Permits are a major UX improvement for end-users in certain situations, and can be stored locally by the user so they do not need to regenerate a permit.

In summary:

  • A permit is a wallet signature that is used to prove ownership / permission for a specific address
  • No interaction with the blockchain is required to create a permit
  • Permits do not cost gas
  • Permit signatures can be submitted to a smart contract as a method to approve certain actions by a smart contract

How do permits interact with Shade Protocol?

For Shade Protocol airdrop, permits are generated by users to authorize the release of tokens to their rightful owners. Users are able to generate permits to prove ownership of their respective Terra, Atom, and Secret wallet.

Warning: it is extremely important to *NOT* hand off your permit key to anyone unauthorized as this would give them the ability to claim your airdrop and send your airdrop to a master account that you are not in control of.

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