How to Liquidity Provide stkd-SCRT (Shade Protocol)

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4 min readApr 3, 2022

Greetings Secret & Shade Protocol community,

Shade Protocol is bringing privacy-preserving SNIP-23 liquid staking derivatives to Secret Network, enabling users to secure Secret Network and other application protocols without exposing their privacy using SCRT!

Landing Page:

Staking Derivative App:

Contract: secret1k6u0cy4feepm6pehnz804zmwakuwdapm69tuc4

This tutorial will teach you how to liquidity provide your recently minted staking derivate stkd-SCRT on SiennaSwap.


  1. Keplr Wallet
  2. SCRT (for gas)
  3. stkd-SCRT
  4. sSCRT
  5. ~8 minutes of time

Tutorials To Meet Requirements

  1. Create a Keplr Wallet
  2. How to buy SCRT
  3. How to mint stkd-SCRT
  4. How to create sSCRT with SCRT


  1. Navigate to SiennaSwap
  2. Click on the “The Pool”
  3. Search for the sSCRT / stkd-SCRT pair
  4. Select pair
  5. Enter desired LP amount
  6. Approve both tokens on the LP interface
  7. Click “Provide”
  8. View Share of Pool
  9. Withdraw LP (Optional)

Step 1 — Navigate to SiennaSwap

Navigate to the official SiennaSwap application:


Step 2— Click on “The Pool”

Next, click on “The Pool” located on the leftside of the application.


Step 3 - Search for the sSCRT / stkd-SCRT pair

On the right side of the page, enter in “sSCRT + stkd-SCRT” to find the liquidity providing pair we will be using to earn rewards.

Step 4— Select Pair

Click on “Select Pair” to navigate to the sSCRT + stkd-SCRT LP pool page.

Step 5— Enter Desired LP Amounts

Next, enter your desired amount of sSCRT & stkd-SCRT you would like to liquidity provide.

Step 6— Approve Both Tokens on LP Interface

Next, approve both sSCRT & stkd-SCRT on the LP interface before performing the “Provide” contract interaction.

After clicking “Approve SSCRT” a Keplr transaction pop-up will occur, click on “Approve”.

Upon successful approval, you will see the following pop-up:

Repeat these exact steps for stkd-SCRT:

Step 7- Click “Provide”

After both tokens have been approved, the “Provide” button will now change to the color blue — signaling that you can officially provide liquidity. Click on the button and walk through the steps.

Step 8 — View Share of Pool

In order to view your share of the LP pool, click on the “View Balance” button on the LP provide page of sSCRT / stkd-SCRT to view your encrypted balance.

Click on “View Balance”
Click on “Create Key”
Click “Submit”
Click “Approve”
Viewing key creation allows you to see your share of the pool.

Step 9— Withdraw LP (Optional)

If you would like to withdraw your LP tokens to get back your original collateral of sSCRT and stkd-SCRT, first navigate to the “Withdraw” page from the provide page by clicking on the button circled below.

On the above page, select “Max” or your desired amount of LP you would like to withdraw. Listed below are the amounts that you will get in return for unbonding your LP tokens for the original collateral. Once you have entered the desired amount, click on “Withdraw”.

Click “Approve” to withdraw your LP

Congratulations, you now know how to LP provide & withdraw your initial principle & trading fee rewards!

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