How to Stake $SEFI [Official Secure Secrets Tutorial]

In this tutorial, Secure Secrets will walk you through the following:

(1) Prerequisites

(2) Staking SEFI

(1) Prerequisites

(2) You have $SEFI available in your Keplr Wallet

(3) You have enough $SCRT in your wallet to be able to complete multiple transactions / contract interactions. 1–2 SCRT should be plenty depending on how fast you want transactions to execute.

(4) We will assume the transactions execute successfully

(2) Staking SEFI

Next, click on the SEFI Staking box/button by clicking on “Stake now!”.

A new view should appear. Enter in the amount of SEFI you would like to stake, and then click “Earn”.

A Keplr transaction will pop-up after clicking “Earn”. Approve the transaction after your desired gas amount has been selected.

If all goes well, you will get a green-notification in the upper-right hand corner informing you of the successful transaction! You will now see two things upon this success:

(1) Your total staked amount should be updated

(2) You will automatically withdraw/claim and rewards that have been pending/building up — this is an interesting feature than can be confusing at first, so don’t be caught by surprise!

Congratulations, you are officially staking $SEFI! Feel free to click “Claim Rewards” or “Withdraw” as you so desire!

What to know how to stake SCRT? Check out our staking tutorial!


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